Red Buddha Yoga & Wellness has been designed as a space for you to spend the most unforgettable week with your students, with the highest level of standards in all areas to enhance your collective experience.  Your hosts have great empathy to what you are accomplishing in your retreat vision and our wish is that Red Buddha becomes your home away from home upon gathering and growing at our facility. 

The beaches of Isla Mujeres and the Yucatan region are your greatest allies in delivering a memorable and captivating group experience.  

Our stylish facility and equipped wellness team are ready to bring your dream retreat to life. 

HOSTING YOUR RETREAT AT :: Red Buddha Yoga + Wellness

Red Buddha & Wellness was created to hold specialty courses along with variety of retreats; yoga to creative writing sessions, sound healing performances, corporate gatherings for global change makers working on innovative solutions for our world.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico is the perfect backdrop to a retreat that has an emphasis on cultivating awareness and creativity.

You can benefit from utilizing Red Buddha's ample spaces to run your own customized retreat which we will help you plan and facilitate.  The indoor - outdoor feel is unlike any other space in Mexico's Caribbean.

For more information on hosting your customized retreat at Red Buddha Yoga & Wellness

Please see Wellness center rental for layout of building.


Add on services for your retreat:  

Acupuncture, Reiki, Shiatsu, Flor de Bach, Massage, Meditation, Facials, Thai Yoga Massage, Sound Healing, Yoga.

Raw food chef~ treats pre/post class

Vegan chef ~treats pre/post class

Vegetarian chef ~treats pre/post class

Homemade drinks pre/post class (Jamaica water/ teas)

Order local organic food for your retreat gathering on Sunday night, delivered to Red Buddha on Wednesday around 12pm.  

(Price is determined according to group size for services above)


Private Holistic Nutrition Consultations with Lucia Di Cesare: 3 Sessions

The first session is where Lucy will get to know you and your health concerns.  She uses some very reliable and tested questionnaires to get to the root of the issue.  At your second session she will present you with her plan, focusing on your main concerns. The third session is a follow up to see how you are doing with the plan, and how to move forward for lasting results. $3000MXN

Host a Holistic Nutrition Party~ with Lucia Di Cesare

This is by far Lucy's favorite service!  This is the cocktail party version of the Lunch & Learn.

Together with friends, we can enjoy some organic, healthy snacks and cocktails while learning the facts and fallacies about our favourite foods and healthy lifestyle choices.  Various topics include interpreting food labels, how to remove toxic chemicals from your household and body care products, managing chronic disease, aging gracefully, cooking with the kids, etc!

Price is determined on menu selection and amount of people.

Learn to Shop & Cook with Lucia Di Cesare:   

Step 1: Lucy will meet you at your home/rental and will have a look at your pantry and discuss what should stay and what should go.  We will discuss meal planning and creating shopping lists for a busy family.  Approximately 1hr. $750MXN

Step 2: Off to the grocery store to get what we need and learn how to read the labels.  Cut through the clever marketing and really learn what is in our food.  Approximately 1.5hrs. $950MXN

Step 3: We will create a Simply Healthy Living meal together.  Salad, main, and dessert.  Food not included.  Approximately 2hrs. $1500MXN

All Three Steps: $3000MXN

Personal Fitness Training with Lucia Di Cesare:

Do you prefer one on one attention to ensure proper form and therefore maximizing benefits?  

Do you have injuries that need to be considered?

I will develop an exercise class to best suit your needs and ensure results. 

$500 MXN per session or 8 sessions for $3600MXN 

Private Personal Fitness Training & Holistic Nutrition Coaching

If you prefer to go at your own pace and appreciate the one on one attention, try this one! One hour fitness session, in the comfort of your own home, with 30 minutes nutritional coaching. We will discuss weekly challenges and lifestyle changes to help you reach your Simply Healthy Goals. 

$850 MXN per session or 8 sessions for $5000MXN