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Nirit Ben David specializes in the Healing Art of Chinese Medicine, Shiatzu Massage, Herbal Treatments, Acupuncture & Alternative Therapies

Nourish the heart, calm the spirit, heal the body…

Nirit Ben David is a specialist in Chinese medicine – a licensed Shiatsu Masseuse and Acupuncturist who promotes wellness and healing of the body, mind, and spirit through her rejuvenating services. Shiatsu massage aims to increase healthy body function and to alleviate pain and discomfort through the use of comfortable pressure to the body. Acupuncture originated in China thousands of years ago and utilizes fine needles for therapeutic purposes to stimulate specific points on the body and facilitate natural healing.Having studied and practiced Chinese Medicine in Israel for seven years, Nirit utilizes the healing powers of acupuncture and the restorative Shiatsu massage techniques to promote the body's natural ability to heal. Her gentle demeanor and vast knowledge will benefit any physical, spiritual, mental and emotional issues that arise, and help you unwind and regain energy, and improve your health.Nirit will personalize your Shiatsu massage or Acupuncture session to promote the best experience based on your individual needs. Your treatment may be either revitalizing or relaxing. The beauty of Shiatsu massage and acupuncture is their distinctive ability to heal and prevent ailments as well as a healthy promotion of self-awareness and prevention of physical, emotional, spiritual and mental ailments.

In addition the Shiatsu massage and Acupuncture, Nirit also has extensive experience in the herbal treatment called Moxibustion. Moxibustion is the application of heat to a specific point on the body utilizing the burning of the herb derived from the Leana plant. It addresses physical and emotional ailments in a similar way as acupuncture and has become an integral part of natural Oriental healing remedies.

Shiatsu, Acupuncture and herbal therapy can treat a variety of conditions, including: • Back pain• Neck pain and stiffness• Anxiety and depression• Headaches• Asthma• Arthritis• Chronic fatigue• Digestive problems• Fibromyalgia• Insomnia• Menstrual and Pregnancy-related problems• Migraines• Muscle tension and spasm• Repetitive strain injuries• Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

Nirit named her practice ROOTS because her healing techniques address the very core or “root” of an ailment and not just the symptoms. Treat yourself to heightened balance, energy, and transformation. Utilize the Ancient Chinese art of to eliminate physical and emotional pain caused by a number of outside influences.

Mary Ann Burns

Mary Ann Burns has been a full time Isla Mujeres, Mexico resident for over 28 years and a massage therapist for 20yrs. Her specialty is relaxing clients into a finale of a blissful mini-siesta using reiki, acupressure, aromatherapy, lomi lomi and shiatsu techniques. She also uses hot stones if desired. All training was done here in Isla Mujeres, where many talented teachers from all around the world spend their winters and share their healing knowledge. 

She also teaches Hatha yoga at her dome studio on the southern end of Isla Mujeres Monday,Wednesday and Friday at 8am for all levels. The roundness of the dome provides a special energy to the classes and you are guaranteed to leave relaxed and renewed. 

Mary Ann has participated in many conferences on the island giving free chair massages and helping with the Mayan ceremonies honoring the goddess Ixchel, who reigns over medicine, childbirth, the moon, weaving and rainbows. She believes respecting the Mayan culture, and especially her main goddess is essential to living and healing on the island named Island of Women...Isla Mujeres.

Lee Perrson