Raw Food / Yoga Retreat April 2018


“Sailing around the world some of the things I look forward to when ashore are meeting local folks trying new foods and a bit of physical exercise.  Needing to move my body after sailing to Isla Mujeres I googled Red Buddha Yoga & Wellness.

I popped by to introduce myself and pickup a yoga schedule.  I was greeted by the wonderful Marine D., Red Buddha manager and the equally wonderful Meg, the owner.  They were incredibly friendly from the outset.  They understood what I was hoping to achieve so I put my name down for the followin morning.  

Red Buddha was close to our anchorage located in the quieter South part of town.  Red Buddha is beautifully and spiritually decorated with wonderful rustic features and symbols of India, yoga and yoga gurus.  The garden is peaceful providing a sense of calm and contentment.

It was apparent the Red Buddha was running a 5 day raw food retreat during my visit.  Day 3 had already begun, but Lucy, the program nutritionist welcomed me to join in as I would receive all the necessary benefits within the 3 days remaining.  This was too good of an opportunity to miss!  So I signed right up!

Lucy was extremely felixible, accommodating and welcomed me into the group.  I felt genuinely welcomed from the start.  Lucy was fabulous at preparing our meals.  She is super knowledgeable and passionate about healthy eating.  She prepared our meals, breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks throughout the day.  She used a plethora of organic foods; fruit, veggies, nuts etc.  All meals were delicious, creatively displayed; she eloquently explained the preparation techniques and the heatlh/nutritional benefits at each meal.  I never felt hungry.  She also provided as with a personal consultation based around our lifestyles which I found to be informative and helpful.  Luckily, no surprises there and I make many of the meals now.

Throughout the day we attended 3 yoga sessions and a session on Yoga Philosophy with Meg.

Meg has a refreshing enthusiasm which is infectious.  She is vibrant, warm, kind and easy to gravitate towards.  I found her to be very sympathetic with a strong, positive intuition.  Every sessions sense were aroused!  Meg played the flute and harmonium, herbal oils were incorporarted to create a sense of balance and fulfillment.  All postures were expalined fully.  She has a great eye for detail and adds the “funky postures with a gentle touch to enable you to work the most effectively and prevent injury.  I enjoyed learning about the “world” of yoga.  Meg is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and inspiring.  I hung on to her every word.  There is so much to learn about yoga than just rolling around on a sticky mat.  

Meg and her wonderful team at Red Buddha opened my eyes brain and heart.  I will be forever grateful for this wonderful experience.  Thank you Love” 

Hatty Miller


Raw food / yoga testimonial : April 9, 2018


Name: Melanie Brentini


Written testimonial : “Meg is a wonderful yoga teacher, learnt so much during my stay on the island. Got more familiar with the philosophy of yoga and the difference between ancient and modern yoga. The yoga classes were amazing, each of the lessons were so intense with what you learn in theory and what you do in practice. In addition the raw food experience was just astonishing. Lucia was incredible with preparing all our dishes. They wet just to die for !!! For me personally so much to learn to what you can add to meals and what you can eat raw. You feel so much lighter and energized. the combination between the food diet and the yoga classes was the best thing i did for a while for my body, my mind and myself .  Enjoyed to be a part of and will miss you guys!


January 2018 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Yogis - after arriving at Red Buddha early January 2018 I quickly realized that I was entering a new phase of my life.  Although, I tried not to have any expectations, I did anticipate learning the skills to create an effective yoga class and I expected my balance poses to improve and my hips to open.   All these things happened and more!   What I didn’t expect was the deep spiritual connection I made with my Higher Self and the inner healing that transpired.  I made several new international friends and have a heart full of cherished memories.  The meditation and breathing exercises that we practiced every morning was a wonderful spring board for my practice back home.   Stepping out of my comfort zone, leaving my ‘safe’ community and immersing myself in the practice of yoga was the best gift I’ve ever given myself.    All of this wouldn’t have been possible without Meg leading the tribe.  Her gentle spirit and teaching style leaves you wanting to do your best and she helps you step out of your comfort zone, oh so subtly.   Her loving-kindness is apparent through every detail of the three week training.   You learn so much and you practice even more.  Too many delights to list – let’s jus say it was NEVER boring.     My suggestion…Let go and let the journey begin. 

-Shawn I.