22 Avenida Juarez


Isla Mujeres, Mexico





On foot:
Walk in the direction of the big white hotel Bahia, just south of Isla Mujeres Ferry terminal on Rueda Medina.
There is a large parking lot with a golf cart hoisted on to a white wall, it is here you make a left turn on Allende.
Your first right is Juarez, we are up the hill 6 or so houses on the right. The walk will take 4 minutes or less from the Ferry Terminal.  We are about 50 Meters to the terminal right near the restaurant La Lomita.  


With Maletero (bicycle guy):
Chino, Pablo, Jose all know where our building is.  As you exit the ferry you will see men with yellow bikes. If you have a backpack or need help, this might be the best way for you to transport your belongings. The sidewalks, streets, curbs are all not very useful for rolling luggage. These carts will cruise you right up the hill in no time. Pay about $50mxn for a decent amount of luggage.


By Taxi:
Most expensive way and a little bit cumbersome as both Allende and Juarez are one way streets, but it will do the trick as well. If you have a lot of luggage, expect a charge anywhere between $50-100mxn from Ferry terminal. Head to taxi "Sitio" station to have your taxi assigned to you. In High Season, there are longer lines...


#22 Avenida Juarez, almost across the street from the restaurant La Lomita. Large red building.

Looking forward to seeing you at our center!